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Supported by a grant from Norway.
Co-financed by the State Budget of the Slovak Republic.

Projekt je financované z grantu Nóskeho kráľovstva prostredníctvom Nórskeho finančného mechanizmu.

Spolufinancované zo štátneho rozpočtu Slovenskej republiky.

                SK08 - Cross-border cooperation
Mitigation of existing barriers to cross-border cooperation
Project output:      
 New cross-border partnerships/networks established and existing partnerships/networks
                           supported hrough common cultural events and the sharing of mutual experience among partners.

Project grant:
        229 410 EUR
Project Duration:  
06/2015 - 04/2017

Project contract - link PROJECT CONTRACT - pdf.

"Slovensko - Ukrajina: Spolupráca naprieč hranicou" - "Slovakia - Ukraine: Cooperation across the Border"

"Granty EHP a Nórska - Spoluprácou k spoločným hodnotám"
"Cooperation with common values"

Brief project description:

Aim of the project:

The aim of the "Partnership sealed with clay" project is to eliminate the existing barriers to cross-border cooperation by forming new partnerships, and fostering the existing ones, between regional and local stakeholders in the regions of Prešov and Košice and the Transcarpathian region.

Project outcome:

The project is expected to create new functioning and sustainable partnerships between ANNOGALLERY and partners in the area of cultural cooperation, education, services, and awareness-building. The partnership will engage a greater number of partners lacking prior Slovak-Ukrainian experience, non-governmental organisations, schools, local public authorities and central authorities. The partnership will be confirmed by entering into cooperation agreements. The project will exploit different types of regional potential - social, cultural and rural potential.

Project outputs:

Within the project, a number of events will be held by the project promoter and the partner drawing down grant funds. A total of 54 various initiatives will be undertaken on both sides of the common border (27 creative ceramic workshops for children and handicapped persons, 3 open creative happenings for the public, 2 five-day daily camps for children, 2 theatre guest performances, 5 cognitive exchange stays for schools and children, 1 ten-day creative stay for artists, 12 exhibitions and 2 conferences - opening and closing).
The implementation of the project will also result in setting up a contact center in Bežovce; this includes the reconstruction of the leased building according to the attached bill of quantity and the fitting out of the creative workshop with technical equipment for work with ceramic and glass products and for employing art techniques. The contact center so reconstructed and equipped will serve the purpose of undertaking some of the planned project activities during its implementation; after the project is completed, the contact center will facilitate the personnel and technical development of the applicant as well as extending the existing activities and launching new activities.

Target groups:

The project targets children, inhabitants, the general and professional public on both sides of the border region. A total of 2,600 people will take part in the organised activities. They will be actively involved in the project implementation through the creative process. Non-governmental organisations focusing on work with children, handicapped groups, minorities, as well as schools, local self-government authorities, cultural institutions and the Norwegian partner will also benefit from newly formed partnerships and cooperation. The activities will be undertaken by young people aged up to 25 years and other vulnerable groups.

Project Partners:

Partners participating financially:

Partner 1:    Patriarš Pútnické Centrum UGKC, Kiev, Ukraine

Partners without financial participation:

Partner 2:    U
žhorodský spolok Slovákov, Uzhgorod, Ukraine
Partner 3:     
Obec Bežovce, Slovakia
Partner 4:     
Oblastné Koordinačné Centrum Ideálnej Mládežníckej Aktivity Aktiv Bežovce
- Organizácia Pomoci Telesne Postihnutej Mládeže, Bežovce, Slovakia
Partner 5:    Základná škola s MŠ Porúbka, Slovakia

Partner 6:     Š
peciálna základná škola Sobrance, Slovakia
Partner 7:     
Consulate General of the Slovak Republic in Uzhgorod, Ukraine
Partner 8:    Office of the Ombudsman, Bratislava, Slovakia
Partner 9:    Dagsenter for fysisk funksjonshemmende, Oslo, Norway